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Outsourcing Compliance Officer Service 

Risk Group International SAS puts at your disposal suitable personnel to fully comply with the functions of the Compliance Officer, in accordance with what is established by External Circular 100-000016 of December 24, 2020 of the Superintendence of Companies .


What does the service consist of?


  • Provide full compliance with the functions of the position of Compliance Officer in accordance with the policy and the implemented process.

  • Advise the Legal Representative, Board of Directors and administration and internal control bodies, in the management of compliance with obligations in the regulations, to minimize the occurrence of ML / FT / FPADM risks.

  • Provide technological and professional support to the company in the process of implementing the SAGRILAFT system.


We guarantee that the Compliance Officer assigned to your company will not hold the position in more than 10 (ten) obligated companies and that he will not be linked to another company in the same sector of your organization.

Profile of the Compliance Officer

The Outsourcing service of the Compliance Officer will be developed with specialized consultants, who have:


  • Job title.

  • Academic accreditations related to risk management.

  • Experience of more than 6 months in activities related to systems for the prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

  • Knowledge of ML/FT/FAPDM risk management and in the ordinary course of the company's own activities in accordance with numeral 5.1.2. of Chapter X.

  • Sufficient decision-making capacity and with experience and domain before boards of directors.

  • Total independence by not belonging to the internal administrative bodies of the company, nor of auditing or control, for which reason current regulations will be complied with

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