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Covid-19 Biosecurity Protocol

Status of your mobilization authorization request.

Nit / ID: 900414957


special greeting


The Mayor of Envigado, through the team de ENVIGADO TAKES CARE OF ME - EMPRESAS informs you that the application for authorization to operate the companyRISK GROUP INTERNATIONAL SAS.-, has been attended to, revised y ATEMPORARILY TESTED FOR OPERATION, after validating the biosafety protocols and the exempted condition of the activity carried out. With this authorization, the associated personnel will receive notification of authorization to circulate, during the national mandatory isolation measure, for the performance of their work activities.

The administrative authorities, within the framework of their competence, will eventually make an inspection visit to verify compliance with the biosafety protocols accredited in the application, and if the legal requirements are not validated, the establishment will be immediately closed. .

This certification is issued by virtue of the powers granted in Article 2 of Decree 593 of 2020 and in compliance with Resolutions 666 (issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection) and 498 (issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism) of 2020. .

The authorities will request, electronically or physically, the certification of the authorization, validating through a virtual platform, the veracity of the same, in order to enable the operation, circulation or impose the legal sanctions that may apply. .

Cordially, .



We are working to protect everyone's life and integrity, remembering that the best prevention mode is DO NOT LEAVE HOME.



*Any alteration of this document is considered false in a public document and will have the sanctions stipulated in article 287 of the Colombian penal code: FALSE MATERIAL IN PUBLIC DOCUMENT. Whoever falsifies a public document that can serve as evidence, will incur a prison term of forty-eight (48) to one hundred eight (108) months. If the conduct was carried out by a public servant in the exercise of his functions, the penalty will be from sixty-four (64) to one hundred and forty-four (144) months and disqualification from the exercise of rights and public functions from eighty (80) to one hundred eighty (180) months*
*** The Mayor's Office of Envigado is not responsible for the veracity of the information provided by the citizen. In any case, it is the duty of citizens to accredit to the competent authority the activity or special condition that gives rise to the exemption***

We socialize the authorized protocol:      _cc781905-5cde-3194-8bd5bd5

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