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Accompaniment to corporate governance in actions of strategic anticipation of risks that can impact a company's reputation, equity, operational and legal.

  • Comprehensive risk management

  • Crisis management and business continuity

  • Quality management in processes

  • Tax audit and accounting

  • Internal control and forensic audit

  • Corporate and business law

  • corporate criminal liability

  • corporate investigations

  • Supply chain security

  • Risk analysis

  • Corporate security audits

  • Design and management of dignitary protection schemes.

  • Business intelligence and data analytics

Person using a futuristic HUD interface screen with data and key performance indicators (K
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  • Implementation of asset laundering prevention systems, financing of terrorism  (SAGRILAFT, SARLAFT O SIPLAFT.)

  • Implementation of the transparency, ethics and corporate anti-corruption program PTEE

  • Implementation of the personal data protection and processing regime.

  • Comprehensive compliance officer service

  • Due diligence intensified.

  • Verification of AML checklists

  • Corporate investigations for incidents of fraud, corruption or transnational bribery

  • Compliance audit services.

  • Ethical line service

  • Legal advice against requirements of control entities or in domain extinction processes.

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  • Survey of job profiles

  • Raising of critical charge matrices

  • Search and attraction of human talent

  • Application of psychotechnical tests

  • Situational assessments 

  • Interviews with organizational psychology

  • Socioeconomic studies

  • Home visits and verification of environment

  • Patrimonial and financial studies

  • Pre-employment and routine polygraphy

  • Interviews with experts in security and reliability of people.

  • Verifications of social, financial, patrimonial, labor, behavioral, academic and personal references.

Computer Shows Physiological Measures of a Man Undergoing Lie Detector _ Polygraph Test. E
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  • Pre-employment polygraphy (Exploratory)

  • Routine polygraphy (Exploratory)

  • Investigative polygraphy (Exploratory)

  • Specific polygraphy (Diagnostic)

  • Evidential or Expert Polygraphy (Diagnostic)

  • Intelligence polygraphy or counter-intelligence

  • Quality control service in polygraphy

  • Equipment functionality checks

  • Sale of equipment and supplies for polygraphy.

Polygraphy Training

  • Basic polygraphy

  • advanced polygraphy

  • Forensic Credibility Evaluator

  • Interview and questioning techniques 

  • Criminal interviews PEACE (UN)

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  • Risk Management Software

  • LAFT List Verification Software

  • LAFT Artificial Intelligence Software

  • Operational Control Centers

  • Design and Implementation of Intrusion, Fraud and Shrinkage Detection Systems.

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  • Comprehensive risk management

  • Prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism

  • Prevention of fraud and corruption

  • Prevention of foreign bribery

  • Business intelligence and big data

  • criminology eicriminal investigation

  • Basic training in polygraphy

  • Forensic evaluation of testimonial credibility

  • Interview and interrogation techniques

  • Kidnapping prevention and personal protection

  • Management of personal defense weapons.

  • Intelligence and counter-intelligence

  • Analysis of human sources.

  • Supply chain security

  • Port and container inspection

  • forensic ballistics

  • forensic dactyloscopy

  • Crime scene management

  • forensic entomology

  • forensic biology

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