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Historical review

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Pedro Thelmo Echeverri Gomez
August 28, 1939 to April 18, 2004
Order of Democracy Commander grade
(Father of Criminalistics in Colombia)

RISK GROUP®is a registered trademark that operates as holding under the trade names ofRisk Group Institute, Risk Group International and Risk Group Poligrafia, Risk Group Private Security or Risk Group Corporate Intelligence; It is currently constituted as a Simplified Limited Company calledRISK GROUP INTERNATIONAL SAS or RISK GROUP SAS,Its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or President is Dr. Juan Carlos Echeverri Garcés who took the principios of Honesty, Loyalty, Ethics and Professionalism_cc781905-4cdebb31-5 136bad5cf58d_ de su progenitor y mentor el Dr. Pedro Thelmo Echeverri Gómez quien como Padre de la Criminalística en Colombia (Honorable Cámara de Representantes de Colombia) and Father of Criminalistics in Antioquia (Honourable Council of Medellín) trained him in Criminal Law, Criminalistics and Criminology making him an Expert in Forensic Sciences and heir to knowledge and _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d rights author of his books on Forensic Ballistics, Criminalistics, Criminology, Legal Medicine, Firearms etc...

Dr. Juan Carlos Echeverri Garcés after finishing his studies in Law and Political Science continued in an in-depth study of Criminal Law and Probation_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-13  este con la seguridad privada, la seguridad  y defensa nacional y la naval intelligence, this training plus extensive experience in public and private service led him to be recognized in 2008 as a Consultant in Private Security by the Superintendency of Surveillance and Private Security; in 2007 he founded the company CSI Enterprises Ltda which in 2011 became RISK GROUP SAS; society that he currently leads.

After 20 years of experience and training and a total gallantry in facing investigative processes based on Criminal Law, Military and Police Criminal Law, Evidence Law, Criminology, Criminalistics, Private Security and Advanced Naval Intelligence, han convertido al Dr. Juan Carlos Echeverri Garcés en uno de los más reconocidos Investigadores Criminales_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ de Antioquia society, worthy of the trust of multiple businessmen and partner in strategic decision making for many years of these.

In 2011 Dr. Juan Carlos Echeverri Garcés was trained asForensic Psychophysiologistat the Marston Academy in San Bernardino California, United States, by the hand of teachers Charles Speagle and Tom Kelly; He delved a lot into this Discipline of forensic validation of testimony at the Latinamerican Polygraph Institute ILP or LPI by the hand of Mayor (r)  Manuel Antonio Novoa who accompanied him in the training process until he was accredited asTechnical Expert, Quality Controller and Instructorin Forensic Psychophysiology, Polygraphy or Forensic Credibility Evaluation by the Latin American Association of Polygraphists ALP and the Colombian Association of Polygraphists, Forensic Psychophysiologists or Forensic Credibility Evaluators ACPP, the latter currently leading as President y desde which has been working on the recognition of Forensic Psychophysiology in Colombia as Expert Evidence and as one of the most important and accurate means to direct investigative processes associated with public and private security,  judicial investigations and in especially the most efficient, effective,  effective, reliable and scientifically proven means of reaching the truth as one of the purposes of Criminal Law accompanied by Justice and Reparation that are often limited by the difficulty of get to the truth.

TodayRISK GROUP ® is recognized in Latin America since it has a multiplicity of strategic alliances that allow it to meet the needs of its clients in everything that has to do with Comprehensive Risk Management and Strategic Security.

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